Oil & Gas.  Automotive.  Pulp & Paper.  Chemicals.  Steel.  The industrial market is comprised of hot, dirty, labor intensive manufacturing that requires job-specific cleaning and maintenance chemicals to keep things moving.  We understand this at Carroll Company (now Carroll CLEAN).  It's why we produce the broadest line-up of private branded institutional cleaning and maintenance chemicals in the industry.

From heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers for your equipment, to silicone  lubricants for your machinery,  to heavy-duty hand cleaners for your employees, you can count on Carroll Company for the tools you need to keep production up and running.

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Scientifically formulated mild acid cleaner clings to vertical surfaces to quickly dissolve soap scum, mildew, rust, and hard water deposits from tubs, spas,...
Quickly penetrates and lubricates moving parts to eliminate annoying sticking and squeaking caused by friction. The non-oily formulation saves wear and tear on...
Quickly remove mildew stains on grout between tile, around shower stalls and bathtubs. Simply spray on and watch stains disappear in minutes. Safe to use on...
Remove the most difficult greasy and oily soils with this extra heavy duty cleaner/degreaser. Effectively cleans light soils from common surfaces or grease...
Water-based solvent cleaner rapidly dissolves dirt, grease, and other soils. Quickly penetrated, loosens, and suspends soils to ease removal without the use of...
Convenient, fast acting all-purpose water soluble cleaner degreaser. Powerful cleaning agents cut the heaviest soils and grease build-up. Recommended for any...



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